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Custom data associate with Entitlement

We like to save custom data associate with entitlement into the trusted storage in the operation server, then retrieve this data from local trusted storage after the activation. I wonder if there are any ways to accomplish this process.

The process will be following...

1. We save custom data associate with entitlement in the operation server.
2. create response.xml file
3. activate response.xml file from end user.
4. retrieve the custom data along with entitlement from local trusted storage.

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Flexera Alumni

Yes, FNP and FNO have the concept of "custom attributes" (sometimes called "vendor data" or "vendor dictionary") that you can include in requests and responses, and store in trusted storage for a client to read.

In the FNO implementation guide, please look at the section "Customizing FLEXnet Operations", subsection "Custom Java Classes": the vendor dictionary class (a class in which you implement the getResponseVendorDictionary method of class VendorDictionaryResponse) is where you control arbitrary data sent from FNO back to the client.

(That class is required just for arbitrary key-value pairs in a fulfillment record. If you just want to place custom data in a licensing keyword such as NOTICE or VENDOR_STRING, there are simpler techniques.)
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