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Level 5

VendorString with Quotes

I noticed that there is an inssue saving quotes to VenderString, and the list is following..

‹ single, left angle quote;
› single, right angle quote;
« double, left angle quote;
» double, right angle quote;
‘ left quote (single high-6);
’ right quote (single high-9);
“ left quote (double high-6);
” right quote (double high-9);
„ double quote (double low-9);

Are there any other characters that won't work with VendorString?
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Level 2

I ran into the same issue with Vendor Strings. The documentation doesn't say it very clearly, but your vendor string is put into the XML license request "as-is". This means that all the usual reserved characters in XML need to be escaped.

" "
' '
< <
> >
& &

I run my vendor strings through a simple function to find and replace all the reserved characters.
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