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IBM Cognos reporting of data availability

Hello folks,


wondering about vendor daemon "data availability" logic in Cognos reports. What does that term stands for? Is it availability of daemon being running or availability of data [report logs], license occupancy or something else? 

If considering data aggregation as area for root cause > there are some .rl files not aggregated also within the days where data availability is missing but customer's report is showing only like 10% of real amount of not aggregated files > so this report won't be depending on TRANSFORM_STATUS in RPT_LOG_CATALOG table in the DB server. This is where I verify data aggregation status besides FNME UI. 

I'm attaching example of customer's data heatmap of hourly data available report where value "24" stands for full day availability.

Where's the delta of this data? What is the base of values that reflects amount of hours for data availability in the backend?

Thanks for any suggestion


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@patrik_sliacky  Thank you for your question. 

The way to interpret this is that the value 24 denotes the availability of number of license hours. A value less than 24 means that either the vendor daemon is down (not serving licenses) for that period or all the report logs have not been aggregated. This value is obtained from the report logs. 
For example,
1. if the vendor daemon is down for 1 hour in a day, then availability value will be 23 for that day
2. if we miss any report log data from say 3 pm to 5 pm, then the value will be 22 for that day