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FlexNet Manager Suite Analytics data model(s) recommendations

By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Flexera’s FNMS Analytics platform provides data models that enable you to run analyses and build reports.  To make the most of these models, we’ve provided a quick best use guideline.

The Flexnet Manager Platform Reports and Dashboard provides detailed information sourced from the FNMP operational data. Thus, it is recommended that this data model be used for reporting purposes, and not for dashboards.

The Flexnet Manager Platform DataWarehouse (analysis) is a sub-set of the legacy data model. This model provides information on the Installation and Consumption analysis. It is advised to use this data model for reporting purposes, and not for dashboards.

The Flexera Data Models and Flexera Asset Management Model contain aggregated data which can be used for both reports as well as dashboards.

The above recommendations are provided for optimal performance.

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