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We have made some network changes, and as a result, the IP address for the www.managesoft.com endpoint has changed. The www.managesoft.com is used to deliver the ARL/PURL update files for our FNMS On-Prem customers.

If any of our customers have whitelisted the www.mangesoft.com site by the IP address to get the ARL/PURL updates in their environment, they will need to add the new IP address to the whitelist.

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We do not have the URL whitelisted as the IP address but we do access the URL via a proxy server.  The ARL/PURL downloads worked a week ago. 

I am now getting a security certificate warning attempting to download the ARL/PURL files.  

"The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority." 

Did the CA change?  


Thanks @darren_haehnel for letting us know. The certificate has not changed. We are getting this information reviewed by our IT team. We will post the updates here once we have more information.

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so what is the new IP?


@shellee_hastin : You can get the new IP by pinging the www.managesoft.com site.