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Here is the release calendar for SKU, PURL and Bundle content library publication. Everyday we, Licensing Content team create and/or update multiple sets of data to incorporate -

  • new SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) that identify specific software with its attributes,
  • Bundles that groups relevant applications according to vendor literature and
  • PURLs (Product Use Rights Library) that impacts license definitions, logic and coverage and thus, your ultimate license position.

Another important task on our schedule is to link all relevant datasets from multiple Content libraries via SKU. This includes SKU to PURL templates, SKU to Bundles or standalone application mappings. 

We follow a monthly cadence and choose to release an updated version of SKU, PURL and Bundles library on 4th Friday of every month. Any intermediate release planned beyond this calendar will be commented in this blog post.

Month On premises release On cloud release
January 27th Jan 2023, Friday 30th Jan 2023, Monday
February 24th Feb 2023, Friday 27th Feb 2023, Monday
March 24th Mar 2023, Friday 27th Mar 2023, Monday
April 28th Apr 2023, Friday 01st May 2023, Monday
May 26th May 2023, Friday 29th May 2023, Monday
June 23rd Jun 2023, Friday 26th Jun 2023, Monday
July 28th July 2023, Friday 31st July 2023, Monday
August 25th Aug 2023, Friday 28th Aug 2023, Monday
September 22nd Sep 2023, Friday 25th Sep 2023, Monday
October 20th Oct 2023, Friday 23rd Oct 2023, Monday
November 24th Nov 2023, Friday 27th Nov 2023, Monday
December 22nd Dec 2023, Friday 25th Dec 2023, Monday


Team Content

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