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With Flexera-IBM partnership, we’ve initiated a SKU validation process where IBM SKUs and their attributes are being substantiated against IBM vendor literature. 

IBM SKUs that are duplicate and/or redundant have been cleaned up from SKU library. There are few sets of SKUs identified and deleted from the library and its authentic SKU is being retained with correct attributes.

This deletion has been thoroughly tested internally and appropriate steps have been taken to make sure that it doesn't negatively impact any existing licenses.
If a SKU has been used to create a Purchase Order (PO) or license and if the same SKU is being deleted, then its original or fallback SKU will be replaced in the existing license. Hence, the license configurations will not be modified.

SKU deletions will not trigger Recommended License Changes (RLC) however license definition changes like fallback SKU mapping to use rights template may generate RLCs.

Non-IBM publishers SKU cleanup:

We have noticed that customer databases retain old obsolete SKUs which have been deleted from SKU Content library. So, previously deleted SKUs from other publishers will be removed from customer databases now. This will ensure more reliable SKU recognition.
This activity has been tested and we expect no impact on licenses, however, there may be few RLCs generated as the SKUs will now be updated to its latest and correct license use rights.

Moving forward all SKUs in customer databases will be aligned with SKU library i.e,

This SKU cleanup will be published as part of September’s SKU/PURL/Bundles release scheduled 23rd September 2022 for on-premises customers and 26th September 2022 for cloud customers.

In case of any queries, please raise a case with our Support team.

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