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Level 2

Trying to do the basics


I am just trying to get update service to work. I have installshield 11 and I am running the evaluation of the update service.

In install shield 11 I go to
Installation Information -> Update Service

and I enable update service and I go to

"Is Product/Version Registered?"

I click the button and then it takes me to the update service page and I login and follow the on screen instructions and successfully register the product. I come back to install shield 11 and go back

"Is Product/Version Registered?"

and in the help section I click the "Refresh" button (as tutorials have told me to do) the "Is Product/Version Registered" becomes disabled BUT instead of saying YES it still says UNKOWN.

I went ahead and built the install and then installed it on a test machine with internet. It successfullly installed the application and Update Manager. I then went into the update service website and tried to send a message and an update but the update manager on the test machine still picks up nothing.

What am I doing wrong? Is it because the product registration still says unknown? If so why? because I am connected to the net when I try to register the product and it's picking up all the product details fine.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
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Level 9

Well, it seems to me that while we have great technology to accomplish the tasks at hand, we don't necessarily have the documentation/tutorial/sample that can help someone get off to an immediate strong start. I've already sent a note to our PM, though I'd encourage anyone who has ideas to help others get started to submit feedback via the website as well. (Yes, the feedback from the main website will be presented to the persons who make the decisions.)

This community may be able to provide suggestions, but I also ask that you speak with our support folks ( who are fairly good at troubleshooting queries such as yours. They'll be able to check things on the server-side as well as have more knowledge of the IS 11 IDE. I would think they'd be able to have you running in no time.

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