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FlexNet Operations Cloud and FlexNet Connect Cloud TLS Change

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Upcoming scheduled maintenance notice TLS (Transport Security Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that secures communications over networks. It is the successor of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. TLS Version 1.0 was first defined in 1999 and s...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

Download events... C++ example?

0 9 15577
My issue is that I've been trying to programmatically enumerate & download updates using IAgentEx, IUpdates & IUpdate objects. I tried to subscribe to the IUpdateEvents interface via connection points, but for some reason or another I'm never gettin...
by Flexera CChong Flexera

What happened to FlexNet?

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I was exploring the internet the other day, and stumbled, quite by accident, But the comments indicate that FlexNet was well into it's death bed by the time the article was written, and indeed searching for any software didn't bear any fruit younger ...
by Jasonpaul Pilgrim

Priority bars of folders

0 3 1457
Hello, people. I need an advice. Are there any ways how can i put priority bars of files or something like that? I have an enormous amount of files and stuff and it's becoming annoying.
by diaz06 Pilgrim

OnUpdateBegin / OnUpdateComplete events doesn't get fired

0 1 1204
Hi,I'm having trouble with the OnUpdateBegin / OnUpdateComplete events When I'm trying the update a "*.msp" file from my client I get all the Events:OnUpdateBegin / OnUpdateComplete / OnProgressChanged / OnDownloadBegin / OnDownloadCompleteworking ...
by aviram Pilgrim

Choose where to install if it is several similar locations

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Hi there!Had a hard time coming up with a good Title for this question but anyway.. I want to know if it is possible for the user to choose where to install my software if it is a number of different folders in "Programs" where the software can be i...
by KingOfSand Pilgrim

Macrovision InstallShield

0 2 7940
Hi,I don't know where to post my message, so I am posting here.My question relates to Macrovision - Installshield.I have installed shield on my pc. I don't know who or why it was installed - probably installed by my pc manufacturer.My software inspec...
by anon_private Pilgrim

After upgrade, application is not listed in Software Updates

0 2 866
After upgrading my application using Software Updates, the entry for my application is no longer in the list of applications. When I look at the Database folder, I no longer see the product code listed.Can anyone help with this?TIADarren
by drmindex Pilgrim

Installing the Imadmin License Server

0 1 2539
I have been tasked to bundle the installing of the Imadmin License Server with our vendor installer. So need a bit of information for this...what is the minimum version of Java that is needed on the machine to install Imadmin?Our install is currently...
by Tim_Mayert Pilgrim

stranded FLEXnet session preventing me from obtaining license

0 1 9870
I am unable to obtain a license to do my DOORS work. Support people say that I've got a session already established which is causing the error. They can't help me until tomorrow. Is there anything that I do to kill the orphaned session? My options ar...
by Not applicable

Patch release

0 2 1766
Hello,when I released a patch and set update in Flexnet Connect, it will show the upgrade to everyone with software manager, Is there a way to add a condition only deliver the update to the people who need it ?thanks,grane
by tigergrace Pilgrim

FlexNet Merge Modules

0 3 2435
I am using the Flexnet Merge modules and everything is fine until I try to create a patch.When I use ORCA to look at the merge modules and look at the _Validation table I see 5 rows which have a KeyColumn of 0.According to Microsoft this is invalid, ...
by mtissington Pilgrim

URGENT! Agent.exe removed on Major Upgrade

0 2 2013
Hi there,I have a quite urgent issue.We have a product version 1 with enabled FLEXnet ability and registering with the FLEXnet agent.exe by source code. Everything works well - the agent starts requests new update notification from the server and dow...
by RobertCiqual Pilgrim

Uninstall issue in windows 7

0 5 4013
Hello,I got a problem when I unistalled my product in windows 7.The problem is when I uninstall my proudct, there is dialog pop-up to show: The following applicaitons should be closed before continuing the installation, the application name is Flexne...
by tigergrace Pilgrim