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Flexera Alumni

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, attend this popular event now for the first time in digital format, to hear from experts speakers on audit defence and licensing, cloud cost management, contract management, addressing SaaS & IaaS risk, Hardware Asset Management, IT Asset Disposal and much more. In addition, get practical advice on tool selection and take advantage of many ways to interact with and network with peers.

We’ve widened the conference focus to EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) – now there’s no travel involved, everyone can attend Wisdom Online! As well as all the wonderful speakers we already had planned, our aim now is to have speakers and topics from various EMEA locations, covering topics relevant to different areas – and in local languages where possible too.



Bonus! - our own @danderson contributed to the  “What long-term changes will COVID-19 bring to ITAM”? article. 

"Organizations spent the last few months scrambling to enable employees to work from home. ITAM professionals will need to gain visibility into all the new technologies they’ve added and establish governance around them for both financial and security reasons. Likewise, few of our organizations will be spared from the need to significantly cut costs, so Asset Managers will be on the front lines of driving down ongoing and new spend both on-prem and in the cloud. It’ll be critical to have visibility across your IT investments and identify potential savings. Compliance will also need to be a priority since the major software vendors will be under pressure to keep maintain revenues and falling revenue has historically driven upswings in audit activity. Efficiency also will be imperative. Manual, resource-intensive processes will become unworkable as IT organizations experience headcount reductions, even as the need for accurate real-time data grows as organizations adjust business strategies on the fly. Automation and real-time data will be critical success factors.

While we may wish for a “return to normal,” the reality is that COVID-19 is unprecedented and on par with the major events of the 20th century like World War II, the establishment of the European Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. In all these cases, economies around the world underwent significant changes that caused some industries to die off while others took their place. C-Level executives are already focusing on these macro-level changes. They’re using analysis tools like this Harvard Business Review framework to assess how their business models need to change. IT Leaders, including ITAM managers, need to adapt as their organizations evolve in response to changes in demand and long-term business model changes.

Asset managers need to think how they can support these changes. When offices open, they’ll look fundamentally different. Remote work will be the default for information workers for organizations that previously had an “in-the-office” mentality. Companies in industries that require hands-on work will have to invest in new technologies to keep workers safe, creating additional budget pressures. Some companies and industries will be in for a much longer contraction. Regardless of the specific changes, successful IT asset managers will need to quickly deliver accurate data to support the decisions that leaders need to make to keep their organizations viable."