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Live Webinar on Thursday, June 6 - 10:00 AM CT

Join us for the next session by Mark Bradley, Senior Product Management Manager and we are so excited to welcome back to the series Nicholas Rousseau ( @nrousseau1 ) of NR SAM Consulting, who previously hosted this series!

The topic is VMWare-Broadcom licensing changes: path to success and optimization with Flexera Technology.

Some massive changes have occurred after VMWare’s acquisition by Broadcom. This session will provide context and share best practice for being successful in this change and optimizing your VMWare subscriptions. It will:

  • Start on setting the context of VMWare technology and how inventory data gets collected by Flexera.
  • Focus on the first change that follows a trend in the industry: the adoption of a subscription licensing. We will analyze the financial impact this move from perpetual licenses / (optional) maintenance model to of the new subscription forces included maintenance.
  • Deep dive into the other change from processor to core licensing (That Microsoft has also adopted from Windows Server 2016 on). Analyzing the financial cost is more complex: depending on your ESX servers’ configurations, you may lose or win… Real cases and KPIs will be analyzed… with of course a report that will help you sizing the cost change!
  • Finally, go through VMWare optimization. Like Oracle, Windows Server or SQL Server, there are efficient virtualized architecture and inefficient ones in a licensing perspective. A report will be presented that gives you recommendations on changes and potential saving.

We look forward to seeing you soon!