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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

How to save millions optimizing the license consumption counts and not applying the basic "All ESX Servers covered by Windows Server DataCenter" or "All ESX covered with SQL Server Enterprise".

The September session went into details on the newly released Red Hat optimization report that allows to chose the best edition for your Maintenance renewals, as well as the new Microsoft Windows and SQL Server Optimization reports, released as solutions in the Community for on premise customers and soon available out of the box.

Recording available on:

Here are are the main sections:

  • 00'00'': Kick Off
  • 03'10'': Answers to the July Oracle questions
  • 12'34'': FNMS 2021 R1.1: new Red Hat Linux Optimization report
  • 25'05'': Deep Dive on Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server Optimization reports

Please also find attached the PowerPoint I used that contains all links to the new features details