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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

The recording of the "SAM Optimization Hub" March SAM Best Practice Webinar is available here:  h

Here are the main sections:

  • 00:00 Kick Off & Agenda 
  • 02:32 Pointers for the last session ("Using Allocations And Exemptions For Optimal License Position") material and answers to questions 
  • 06:48 News:
  • 19:50: The SAM Optimization Hub
    • 19:50: Preview of the trends widget
    • 24:02: The SAM Optimization Hub in the context of ITAM feature history
    • 31:41: General Introduction: philosophy and objectives of the Hub 
    • 36:43: The next two Hubs (SAM Operations and SAM Publisher Hub)
    • 38:06: From Compliance To Optimization, customer success stories through optimization reports
    • 42:21: Detailed presentation of the SAM Optimization Hub
    • 44:26: Deep Dive on the Red Hat Optimization Report
    • 52:30: Deep dive on SQL Server Optimization. For Windows Server, go to the January SAM Best Practice Webinar
    • 55:26: Oracle Optimization and Optimum Virtualized Target Architecture
    • 59:50: Partitioning levels simulation reports
    • 1:00:39: Named User Optimization report
  • 1:05: Wrap Up

The PowerPoint used during the presentation is attached to this post.