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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

The next version of Flexera One contains many features this month:

  • The SAM Optimization Hub
    • The first of a Business Process driven Hubs series
    • Provides visualization, explanations, drill down (and soon trends...) on realized and potential optimizations 
  • Intelligent License Restriction
    • A powerful way of defining license restrictions based on device or user groups defined dynamically as reports
    • Supports the painful licensing cases like: Prod / Non-prod (IBM, Tibco), Server Desktop (Java), Oracle Processor / NUP (Oracle)...
  • New risks / gap analysis reports
    • Licenses Compliance And Unlicensed Products Risks
      • Mixing in a single pane of glas the license consumption (including financial information) and The unlicensed installations rolled up at product level.
    • VMs Inventory Gaps From vCenters
      • Gives full details on the vCenter inventory and reports the VMs reported by vCenter but not yet inventoried
    • The Remote Usage For Streamed Commercial Applications
      • Joins the usage on Windows Server streaming servers with the remote client usage. Gives a view on the risk for device licensed applications on streaming servers.
  • Some Optimization reports used in the SAM Optimization Hub have been enhanced
    • The Optimum Virtualized Architecture for Oracle Options now computes the financial savings allowed between the current architecture and the recommended architecture for Oracle Database Enterprise and Oracle Options.
    • The two reports that make a "what if" analysis on soft partitioning: Oracle Consumption Summary by Partitioning Rule and the Oracle Partitioning Rule Impacts have been extended to include a new angle: Partitioning applied taking into account the VMs affinity rules.
  • 16 reporting columns have been added to the Device, Installation, Purchase Order, contracts and Cluster objects
    • Numerical values for dates (for instance Inventory date (days) that allow to build reports filtering like: "all computers inventoried more than 45 days ago"
    • Application Life Cycle date for installations
    • Hidden gems
      • The vCenter IP address on clusters, Installation date on installations, Affinity enabled on VMs, Primary Inventory Date, Primary Inventory source...
    • All of this exposed through the ReportsExecute REST API
    • Enhance the possibility for creating clever "Device Groups" used by the Intelligent License Restriction.

FlexNet Manager on premise customers will enjoy all the features that have been added since March 2022 in Flexera One ITAM (Named user optimization reports, Windows Server Optimization Flat report, enhancement in the way file evidences are imported that enhanced inventory import performance)...

Discover all these features during an extensive demo in this webinar.

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More information on best practices in the SAM Best Practice Hub.

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Nicolas Rousseau
Senior Product Manager
Flexera ITAM