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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Join us on Thursday March 2nd 10:00 AM US Central time for this one hour recorded session that will cover in details the the SAM Optimization Hub that provides a single pane of glass for the super high value question: "What am I saving thanks to Flexera and what could I save by taking action?"

Please register here to receive the webinar connection details!

SAM Optimization Hub Final.png

 Also, you can Vote now for prioritizing your preferred topics. The 17 delivered topics have their link to recordings in the survey!

More information on best practices in the SAM Best Practice Hub.

Talk to you very soon!

Nicolas Rousseau
Principal Product Manager
Flexera ITAM

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Level 3

Thank you  @nrousseau1 for a good presentation. A few questions to pose on the usage of the Financial tab ("chargeback" fields)

  1. Will the adjustments to your Price Per Right field also include the time dimension that might be set in the Financial tab? This way, consumers of the Price Per Right field will know whether this is a monthly price (normal for Subscription licenses) or a lump sum price (perpetual). Etc.
  2. How will the Price Per Right be calculated? We have set some Financial data standards for how to record this data - So when we populate the Financial tab, we actually do the math to break it down into the unit price.
    1. Ex. If the underlying purchase says that we purchased
      1. a 2yr subscription
      2. Total price $800,000
      3. Purchase quantity = 100
      4. Quantity per unit = 5
      5. Effective quantity = 500
    2. Then we populate the Financial tab as follows using the following standard:
      1. Amount = the price of a single effective entitlement, AND
      2. Subscription = Monthly frequency
      3. =((800,000/500)/24)
        1. Where 800,000 is the total cost, divided by 500 effective entitlements, spread across 2yrs.
  3. Since we already perform this type of math-logic into the Financial tab, then there may be a risk of this data being further calculated by whatever is happening within the Price per Right field.

Thank you again

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Hello @qlhrghrrgh ,

To be totally precise a new SQL view exists in the database that take in following order

  • Charge back cost (and Frequency)
  • Overridden price (frequency = none)
  • Cost of the last software purchase/Quantity per unit

So, in the case you describe this is right to reflect in the charge back cost the subscription duration and monthly cost... the Price Per Right does not do this amortization on the raw purchase cost.

All optimization or Licence Consumption reports (Purchases and Consumption by location / Corporate Unit / Cost center) will use this new calculation but will not display de frequency.

I hope it helps and addresses your question.

Best regards,