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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Flexera has invested a lot in addressing a better way the Java nightmare and helping their customer in this painful journey:

  • Better recognition in ARL (commercial versions being identified down to the build number) in April 2021
  • Ability to collect on Unix the Java instance information (version down to the build, installation path) in June 2021

This coming version of Flexera One ITAM (in March) brings an "exemption by path" feature that allows exempting automatically the Java commercial installations related to instances in "embedded paths"... which means, installed as OEM components of other licensed applications (Siebel, Oracle Client, SQL Developer...)

This February SAM Best Practices webinar on February  3rd, 10:00 AM US Central will cover the new features of the 2021R1.4 version, particularly

  • The Windows Server Optimization report will help you use the optimal Windows Server or Core Infrastructure Server Suite (CIS) licenses based on the 90-day peak number of VMs... There are million dollars savings at stake...
  • The end to end management of Java compliance in FNMS
  • The session will deep dive into Java: an approach for recognition, creation of licenses, ability to use the new exemption by path feature. A demo will show steps by step how to have Java under control.

Please register here to receive the webinar details!

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