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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Our first session last month was on FNMS 2021 R1 features, with a deep dive on Oracle Optimization reports. Thanks to the 100+ people who registered and attended the session!

Windows and SQL Server Optimization got the highest score in the Topics prioritization survey... please vote to influence the next topics' priority!

The session will starting with answering the July session questions.

Then, after a short introduction on the SaaS September release (that includes a Red Hat Optimization report and the Oracle reports that we not released in July), I will deep dive on a multi million dollar topic for large organizations: How to license best windows Server (and Core Infrastructure Server) and SQL server in a way authorized by Microsoft (particularly aligned with the 90 day Mobility restriction rules on Windows Server Standard) without choosing the so expensive "easy options": All ESX Servers in Windows Server DataCenter or SQL Server Enterprise editions... or applying a "worse case scenario" on Windows Server that represent a incredible present to Microsoft.

This session will be hands on, with a demo that will show the already published reports for on premise customers reports that anticipate the Q4 out of the box reports.

Please register here to receive the webinar details!