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Flexera Alumni


Date: Tuesday 19th January 2021


North America
10am CT (US)

Europe & Middle East
4pm (UK)

Announcing the January session from our Patch Management Roundtable.

We will begin our discussion with - What is a patch? In most all cases, a patch consists of a full deployment package that could be used to either update, or initially deploy, an application. When it comes to managing software vulnerabilities and patch management in general it really comes down to awareness and prioritization.

Most enterprise organizations can only patch a fraction of the updates they should. How do you determine what applications require updates? How do you prioritize to ensure you are working on those most impactful?

The intent of this roundtable session is to have a topical discussion and not focused on product. However, we will allow audience question to drive the bulk of the session, so we are prepared to talk about anything (including product if that is the primary audience interest).