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Inventory without Files reporting

When we run updated scans of projects, we have a need to confirm what inventory items now no longer have associated files in the project. This could be due to version updating, removal of a vulnerable package, changing technologies, removing features, etc. We want the inventory overall to stay persistent so that any custom inventory items created remain in place unless we determine change is needed, this would be for say commercial related items, etc. 

This would also be required if we are releasing a new version of our product and creating a new project for that release, importing the project from the dev project to avoid rework on the review of the new release. (Since we were told this was the best practice and the Branching was probably not going to produce this?).

Is there a way to report on inventory items without associated files? And what about new automated inventory items after a rescan?

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Hi @lynn_westfall2 ,

The ability to sort inventory by file count was added in Code Insight 2022 R3. You can refer to the release notes here:

This feature will allow you to easily view all inventory items with 0 files associated. As for new automated inventory items, unfortunately, we do not have a filter or sorting feature for this attribute. However, you can manually view the "Created On" value for each inventory item to confirm when it was created. You can also filter inventory items by their published date by using the Advanced Search. More information on this dialog can be found here: 

If you would like for us to consider an enhancement for sorting/filtering new automated inventory items, please open a new support case with us.

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