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TFS connection and third party authenticaiton v7

I am running the R2 2019 Flexera and I am trying to get a tie into TFS hosted at Azure. my organization uses Okta as our third party authentication.

On the scan server I have the tf.exe from team-explorer everywhere ( in the PATH of the Windows server. I accepted the terms of the EULA by running tf eula after loading the executable.

However when I fill out the information in Flexera for the TFS instance it fails.

I am suspecting this is because the URL is and when accessing that via the web when I enter my username MS transfers be to my authentication provider for my organization (Okta in this case) and I enter my credentials there.

So the question becomes, how to I set up my Flexera to scan projects that are hosted in TFS.


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Hi @jeremyblock,

We sincerely apologize for our lack of response. Going forward, we will be making a concerted effort to respond to all forum questions in a timely manner as well as responding to all previously asked questions on our forum. If you or someone else still has this question, here is our response:

To troubleshoot this issue, we will first need to see if you are able to run "tf get" outside of Code Insight. If you run into the same issue outside of Code Insight, it would be best to work with your IT team to find a working solution for your environment (e.g. bypassing SSO).