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This article helps users to adjust the Execution Timeout for an App Portal Website.


How do we adjust the Execution Timeout for App Portal Website?


The execution timeout value (e.g from 2 mins to 6 mins) can be adjusted on the App Portal server machine under IIS manager Sites | Default Web Site | Configuration Editor | system.web/httpRuntime | executionTimeout

The default value is 1 min 50 seconds but it can be increased or decreased accordingly.


An example of a scenario where this might be useful is: Say App Portal has to process many records or search many requests to find a particular record but the Timeout is not set long enough for App Portal to load the required search results. An admin could go in and increase the Timeout from the IIS Manager within the App Portal server and workaround the issue.

Additional Information

Additional settings which can also be found here are:

1. maxQueryStringLength
2. maxRequestLength
3. maxUrlLength
4. shutdownTimeout

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