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Catalog Item Is Not Available at the Site for User/Machine

Catalog Item Is Not Available at the Site for User/Machine


This article discusses how to resolve the catalog item is not available warning that gets displayed during the checkout process


During the checkout process the following warning message might get displayed which stops the user from completing the checkout:
Catalog Item is not available at the CAS Site for User/Machine


This warning message is seen when the deployment has not been successfully created in SCCM. The AdvertID column usually has "-1" specified under the Catalog Item | Deployment tab | SCCM 2012/2007 tab view.


To resolve the issue restart the ESDService under the services view on the App Portal server and test after 15 minutes.
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@saleman @CharlesW 
Would please explain how the AdvertID column gets changed to "-1". Is there any specific reason?

@AjaykumarPatil - Generally, it indicates that there was a problem creating the deployment. I would recommend deleting the existing deployments from the catalog item and then add the package/application again. This will typically take care of the issue.

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