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This article covers some of the customer issues that AdminStudio 10 Service Pack 2 fixes.


This article covers some of the customer issues that AdminStudio 10 Service Pack 2 fixes.


To obtain and install Service Pack 2 for AdminStudio 10.0:
  1. Ensure that either AdminStudio 10.0 or AdminStudio 10.0 SP1 (Standard, Professional, or Enterprise Editions) or Repackager 10.0 Standalone is installed on the machine. (The same installer will update one or both of these applications if installed on your system.)
  2. Download service pack 2.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Double-click the downloaded file to install the update.
    • To install the service pack silently from the command line?Launch the downloaded file from the command line, and pass run_silent. This will only show the Preparing Setup dialog. Following is a sample command line:
      PathToDownload\adminstudio10sp2.exe run_silent

Additional Information

The AdminStudion 10.0 Service Pack 2 addresses the following issues:
Issue NumberIssue Summary
IOA-000062809When using Automated Application Converter to perform automated
repackaging of a legacy setup on a Windows 7 virtual machine, extra files in
the Windows\System32 directory are captured, making the repackaging
process take longer and resulting in larger Windows Installer and virtual
packages. These extra files from the System32 directory are not required and should not be captured.
IOA-000064729In the Application Compatibility Dashboard report, the count of packages
that fall into the No Issues and Not Tested categories in the pie charts was
not calculated correctly.
IOA-000064837The detail reports that are opened by clicking on one of the categories in the
Internet Explorer 8 Presentation Compatibility pie chart on the
Application Compatibility Dashboard do not display any data for web
IOA-000065159After running the AdminStudio 10.0 SP1 installer, the Application Readiness
Dashboard reports could no longer be viewed on the Report Center tab of
AdminStudio Enterprise Server.
IOA-000065163The Transform Status property, which is displayed on the Packages tab of
Automated Application Converter, should indicate whether No Transforms,
One Transform, or Multiple Transforms are associated with a package.
When a package is initially added, the Transform Status property is correctly
updated. However, when opening a saved Automated Application Converter
project file, the Transform Status property for all packages is set to No
Transforms even for packages with associated transforms.
IOA-000065237After running the AdminStudio 10.0 SP1 installer on an installation of
AdminStudio 10.0 Professional, and upgrading the Application Catalog to 10.0
SP1, the Process Assistants tab (formerly the Projects tab) was no longer
IOA-000065270AdminStudio virtual conversion process was using Windows XP style paths for
user profile locations when needed in INI files contained in App-V packages.
This could cause problems for a small sub-set of applications when running on
Windows Vista or newer. Now default behavior is to use Windows Vista/7 style
profile paths. This can be changed by modifying the AppV.xml configuration
IOA-000065271The following enhancements were made to the Application Manager
configuration file support for import:
General Section
? RefreshExtendedAttributesSchema?Values are Y or N. The default
value is N.
? ExtendedAttributesConfigFile?The file path to the Extended
Attributes XML file.
These two parameters can be used to specify a new Extended Attribute
schema and to have it loaded into the Application Catalog.
Note ? Do not delete extended attributes that are already in use in the database (those
that already have data specified).
Package Section
? ApplicationName?Name of application to add this package to. If an
application does not exist, it will be created. Also, each application name
in a given group should be unique.
? SetupName?This property is now applicable for Windows Installer
? EA1, EA2, ...?Use this property to specify a value for a particular
Extended Attribute. Separate the Extended Attribute name and value with
a semicolon.
OtherSetupFile Section
The section name for the Other Setup Type section was change from
OtherFile to OtherSetupFile.
Note ? Also, the Group field now allows multiple groups to be specified (separated by
IOA-000065308If the Build Windows Installer Packages option on the Project Options
dialog box of Automated Application Converter is set to True, Automated
Application Converter will crash when converting a Windows Installer package
to an App-V package, and the conversion fails.
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