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The VIX error 14010 is caused by blocked or interrupted communication between VIX and the virtual machine


When using the Automated Application Converter with a VMware based virtual machine you may receive the Error 4390 Controlling Virtual Machine: Failed Connecting to Image, VIX Error: 14010, during the conversion process.


The VIX error 14010 ? VIX_E_HOST_TCP_SOCKET_ERROR translates to ?There was an error in communication.?. The most common cause for this type of error is something in your environment is interrupting or blocking communication from the VIX API to the virtual machine. Commonly this is going to be associated to either a firewall, proxy, anti-virus, or other security measures in the environment.


You may need to work with your IT department to ensure that no communication is being blocked. If you are using vSphere for example this uses the default ports 443 and 902. If either of these ports are being blocked this error will occur.
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