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Activation of InstallShield 2010 using an AdminStudio 9.5 serial number results in Serial Number Not Registered Error 20661


After installing only the InstallShield 2010 prerequisite, activation of the InstallShield 2010 product using an AdminStudio 9.5 serial number results in the following error:

?Serial Number Not Registered. The serial number you purchased requires product registration prior to product activation. Error 20661?
Activation of AdminStudio results in the following repetitive process:
  1. Clicking the ?Register my product online? button opens a web browser to register the product.
  2. Clicking on the ?Continue to next Step? results in the message, ?This serial number has already been registered.?
  3. Clicking on the ?Product Registration Complete? button opens the Activation dialog.
  4. Attempting to activate the product displays the initial "Serial Number Not Registered" error.
Note: The InstallShield 2010 prerequisite file is located in the sub-folder of the AdminStudio Installation media:


The activation process of the InstallShield 2010 product using an AdminStudio 9.5 serial number requires a different set of files, and these files are not installed with the InstallShield 2010 prerequisite. This is a known issue in the AdminStudio 9.5 product.


A hot fix has been developed to fix this issue. Please follow the steps below to install the hot fix:
  1. Download the attached file.
  2. Extract the files from the hotfix .zip file to the System subdirectory of the main InstallShield installation directory. (The default location of this directory is ?C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2010\System?)
  3. Launch the InstallShield product and activate using your AdminStudio serial number.


Another option is to install the AdminStudio product, thereby installing the missing files.

Additional Information

This issue is being tracked internally by issue #IOA-000053331 and will be considered for a future release.
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