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Workflow Manager 2013 R2 Install on Server 2012 R2

Wondering if anyone has seen this issue before. I'm trying to install AES in my lab which has a separate DC. Both the DC and app server are 2012 R2 and I get to the step that asks for a domain account and I get the following error:

I feel that it has possibly to do with Server 2012 not supporting older authentication methods but surely on a product this new the product team would have updated their controls, etc. in the installer, right??

Any help is appreciated.



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This has been seen on Server 2008 as well. Try:

--Enabling the Computer browser service
--Enable NetBIOS over TCP
--Add an exception in the firewall for the Computer Browser service
--Try again

Basically, the error comes from not being able to resolve the domain controller for the domain you put in. It tries to do so by querying the network, instead of relying on your AD connection.

Hope that helps!