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How is Usage Intelligence affected by proxy or firewall environments?

How is Usage Intelligence affected by proxy or firewall environments?

Firewalls and Web Filters

Users having a regular desktop firewall with default security settings should not encounter problems calling home to the servers. However in stricter security environments such as corporate firewalls with more advanced firewall policies or web filtering software that blocks HTTP(S) access to unknown sites, your application could be blocked from connecting to the internet altogether. In such cases your software may be blocked from connecting with the server, so these clients will not be tracked.

The Usage Intelligence SDK is designed to fail silently whenever it is not able to communicate with the server, so your application and user experience should not be affected in any way if you follow our implementation guidelines as specified in the documentation.

Proxy Environments

In environments where a proxy is present, the Usage Intelligence SDK can be configured to use proxy settings to communicate with the server.

Specifying Proxy Settings Manually


Use this method to specify proxy settings which will be used to submit callhome data to the Revulytics servers. Example usage:

ruiSetProxy(myRuiInstance, "", 8080, "MyUser", "MyPassword");

Testing Connectivity


Use this method to confirm that your application can callhome to the servers. This is typically used in conjunction with ruiSetProxy(). Example usage:


This method will return one of the following status constants:

  • RUI_OK (0)

More information on setting proxy settings can be found in the respective SDK documentation:

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