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How can I separate or exclude data coming from my test environment?

How can I separate or exclude data coming from my test environment?

Option 1 - Block internal IP addresses

If you do not want to collect the data coming from your test environment at all, you may use the Blocked Client IPs to reject data coming from these clients. To manage the IP blocked list, log in to the Usage Intelligence Dashboard, go to the Admin page, and under Data Management click on Blocked Client IPs. Once an IP has been added to this list, the server will not process or save any data coming from it.

NOTE: You must be a Product Administrator to be able to manage the Blocked Client IPs. 

Option 2 – Include a data collection configuration setting in your product

An option that gives you more control over when test data is collected is to include a hidden setting that signals your product not to track that installation. This may be a Windows registry setting or a setting in a configuration file. On startup your app will check for this setting and if found it will not start the Usage Intelligence tracking.    

Option 3 – Separate test data from your customer data

If you want to collect data from your test environment but would like to keep it separate from your customer data, you may create another product from the Usage Intelligence Dashboard and use that product ID for testing purposes. When using separate products it is important to make sure that the correct product ID is used for released builds. Revenera offers a free developer plan to all customers having a product on a paid plan. Contact support if you would like to switch a test product to the free developer plan and specify your test product ID.

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