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Can I use my own call home URL?

Can I use my own call home URL?

Yes, Revulytics Usage Intelligence provides you with the option to create a CNAME record in your own DNS server and point it to your personal callhome URL provided by Usage Intelligence. However there are a number of points you must follow for this to work.

For every product that you register with Usage Intelligence, we supply you with a callhome URL for that specific product. Each URL is unique to a single product and the server will not accept any callhome data to that URL unless it is originating from the product associated with it. You can get this URL by logging on to the Usage Intelligence Dashboard and from the top menu navigate to the Admin page. The URL is usually in the form: ''

Now let's say your domain is and you choose to create the following CNAME DNS entry: pointing to:

Once the CNAME is set up in your DNS server, please allow 48 hours for DNS replication and then contact support to request an update to your callhome URL. From this point onward, all new and existing end-user installations will be automatically updated to start calling home to your new URL:


  • Custom URLs are limited to 64 characters.
  • This is an optional paid feature available on all paid account plans.
  • The callhome URL should not be changed in the Usage Intelligence SDK before the necessary updates are made from the server side. If clients try to callhome using the custom URL before it is configured on the server the sync will fail.

What if I want to use HTTPS?

When you have a custom call home URL configured, we will use a certificate from Let’s Encrypt ( to enable the SDK to call home via HTTPS. This requires no further setup from your end.

Let’s Encrypt is an automated and open certificate authority managed by the Internet Security Research Group ( Its board of directors include representatives from Cisco, Mozilla, EFF, RedHat, Facebook, Akami etc. and the project is sponsored by a number of major internet companies such as Google, Shopify, Verizon, Zendesk etc.

If you prefer to use your own domain SSL certificate please contact support to discuss your requirements.

Why should I use a custom callhome URL?

There are a number of advantages of using your own callhome URL such as The most evident advantage is that users who check on their web gateway logs or sniff their network traffic, will see your software calling home to your own domain, rather than an unknown domain belonging to Usage Intelligence. This could improve customers' perception and make them more comfortable in allowing that traffic through their web filters as they can immediately associate that HTTP(S) traffic to a known software provider - in this case your company.

Another advantage of your software calling home to a custom URL on your own domain is that it will increase your credibility, since it would seem as if you are running your own callhome server infrastructure just like larger well-established enterprises.

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