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Automatic ReachOut request


We would like to have control over the time, an automatic ReachOut message is displayed.

Right now it seems that it is only displayed directly after ruiStartSDK(). Unfortunately for our application this timing is inconvenient. We would like to be able to retrieve the message later.


We tried calling ruiSync(true) but for a whole 5 minutes we get RUI_TIME_THRESHOLD_NOT_REACHED.

Since the time threshold is not configurable calling ruiSync is not feasable. 5 minutes is just too long.


Thank you for your help.

Best regards,


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Hi Philipp,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Auto reachout message will be received only when ruiStartSDK() is started or on ruiSync().

If you want to receive reachout message on firing an API call then we suggest you to use Manual Reachout:

Reachout message will be received when you fire API call CheckForReachOut()

For more information on how to configure Manual reachout please follow below provided links.

1. Link provided below has details about how to configure manual reachout API calls

2. Example 3 in below mentioned link provides with steps to configure Manual Reachout in UI

Please let us know if you have further queries on the same.

Thank You,

Hi Anusha,


thanks for the explanation and I am very sorry for the very late reply. We got reachout working in january the way you described.

For our newest release we wanted to generate a new reachout campaign but had to relalize that it is not working the way it did before.

Since we had to update to version 3 of the dashboard we are unable to clone our reachout campaign. Additionally, and that is the even bigger issue, reachout data is not delivered directly at the start anymore.

Our config is still:

ruiCreateConfig(...., reachOutOnAutoSync = true)

and we configured our own reachout handler


and before we got the reachout data almost immediatly after ruiStartSDK()


unfortunately now the data comes unpredictably. Sometimes, and that is even more strange, the  reachoutdata arrives after a call to ruiSetReachOutOnAutoSync(false) which, as far as we understand the documentation, should not happen.


Thanks for your help and best regards,



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