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Flexera performs vulnerability tracking of the software used by customers of Flexera. When there is a missing title in the database that blocks you to add that product to your Watch Lists for further vulnerability tracking, you should send your suggestion to Flexera and we will add the missing product. 

This article describes the correct steps to perform suggestions for tracking of missing product titles in SVR. If you are using the SVM 2019 solution by Flexera (formerly CSI), this article is not intended for you.


The Flexera SVR product covers more than 60,000 unique products. Flexera continuously expands this number by adding more software programs and versions for vulnerability analysis, based on customer requests that can easily be performed through the SVR interface. 


Search for your program in the SVM interface under Research -> Products Database first.

If you can't find the desired application and/or version there, then you can suggest it to Flexera.

Use the exact steps listed next to perform your suggestions: 

1. Navigate to Research -> Products Database -> Suggest Software.

Find the Suggest Software menu in the Research section of SVRFind the Suggest Software menu in the Research section of SVR

2. Click on the green "Suggest Software" button (don't download the software suggestion tool)

Choosing the correct option here is important to avoid misstepsChoosing the correct option here is important to avoid missteps

3. In the new window that opens up, populate the required information under the "Single Software" tab:

    • Full Product Name.
    • Enter the exact version you are asking Flexera to add in the database (e.g 1.x, 2.x...)
    • Official Product Home Page URL (official page hosted by the vendor)
    • Enter any additional comments in the "Comments" section if your case is special.

4. Click Save

NOTE: do not go the path to "Upload File" - this is not needed for adding a new product in SVR. 

Additional Information


  • How much time does it take to add a newly recommended product?
    • Flexera is committed to responding to individual software suggestions within 48 hours of receipt. If sending a list of requests, we will still strive to respond quickly, but expect increased delays as the number of suggestions increases.
  • How can I suggest a larger number of programs at the same time, without adding each suggestion separately?

    • You can compile a CSV file that includes the required information needed by Flexera to add products for tracking to the Software Vulnerability Database of Secunia Research. 

    • The following format should be used when making bulk suggestions: 

      User-added image

      • You should include your own email with your request (or inside the Excel sheet), to allow communication pertaining to the suggestion.

      • In order for a product to be listed in scan results, the file information of a file from the suggested product must also be included.

        • Generally, this file would be the main executable file that launches the program, which includes correct information about the product.

      • After compiling a list of the products you wish to be added, you can send it to directly.
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