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How to get started with Optima

If you’re new to Optima, you might not know all the ways the powerful tool helps you turn insight over your cloud costs into action. More than just a way to look at what cloud costs you have, Optima gives you a picture of what is to come with forecasting tools and a way to future-proof your company with spent optimization features.  

But you probably already all of that. What you might not know is how to get started and where to get easy-to-follow instructions for setting up and managing Optima. Our extensive product documentation outlines a few key resources for your early days of diving into Optima. 

How to get started with OptimaHow to get started with Optima

Optima gathers billing data from your cloud providers and puts it on display for you to perform a detailed analysis and find opportunities to cut waste. The first step is to learn how to navigate the Optima UI.  You can automate billing info with Optima API. For several support clouds, you’ll find guides for native setup and unique inputs. 

Next, you can move on to tinkering with Optima’s controls for many areas of the product related to analyzing cloud cost information. The product documentation runs through common control and what they do. Once you have a hand on the controls, you can turn to Optima’s dashboard for full control of your company's cloud use. And to truly tailor Optima, you can customize the dashboard. Optima

Of course, you’ll find loads more product documentation for Optima. But what is laid out here is a good beginning: https://docs.rightscale.com/optima/getting_started/

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