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Run-Time Language Support in InstallShield

Run-Time Language Support in InstallShield


Run-Time Language Support for InstallShield Express


This article provides information regarding run-time language support for the InstallShield Express Edition.


Language support varies, depending on the edition of InstallShield that you are using.

With the InstallShield Express Edition you can create an installation that runs in a particular language; that is, the run-time dialogs that appear during installation contain text in the specified language.

Creating an installation for one language is the first step in completing your installation project when you plan on distributing your installation in a number of different languages. When you create your project, you can select one of the supported languages from the Project Language list on the New Project dialog box. Your selection determines the language in which all of your installation?s run-time dialogs appear.

You can create different installation projects for each language in which you want to distribute your application. If you plan to distribute your installation in both English and German, for example, you can create two different installation projects?one in which you select English as the project language and one in which you select German as the project language.

If you want your installation to appear in a different language, you can export the string entries, translate the strings, and then import them back into your project.

Note: You cannot change the language after you have created your project, except by exporting and importing the string entries for translation.

After you have created your project, you can use the Text and Messages view to edit the text that appears in the run-time dialogs.

The Express project type available in InstallShield supports only one language per installation project. If you want to create an installation that runs in more than one language, it is recommended that you upgrade to the Premier edition of InstallShield; this edition has built-in support for creating projects that run in more than one language. It also offers granular control at both build time and run time over which files are installed based on the language. In addition, the Premier edition enables you to add unsupported languages, beyond the built-in languages, to projects.

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