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Reset Password of Flexera License Server

Reset Password of Flexera License Server


This article explains how to reset the Flexnet License Server Manager (LMAdmin) password.


If you have forgotten the password to access the admin section of the Flexera License Software, you can use the below steps to reset the password.


The following steps should reset the password:

1. Stop the LMAdmin instance (from services.msc or task manager, the default service name is: FlexNet License Server Manager)
2. Change the following section in "server.xml" that you will find in "conf" folder of LMAdmin installed directory (The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\FlexNet\Licensing Server\conf).

Change the two attributes marked in bold:
<accessControl sessionTimeout="1800">
<user firstName="System" id="admin" lastName="Administrator" password="(ENC-01)OQqWH+/Edhi8WNqqtsgoOK6NW5C6fS0bjhROPwDEnIxYNzLH" passwordExpired="false" privileges="admin" type="local-admin"/>
<user firstName="Alerter" id="alerter" lastName="Service" password="(ENC-01)eZi+Ce9/mvN2n8gOAL9kMbC7QtDYFHLAkAoZybwqhm2c74CE" passwordExpired="false" privileges="admin.alerter" type="local-alerter"/>

<user firstName="System" id="admin" lastName="Administrator" password="newAdminPass" passwordExpired="true" privileges="admin" type="local-admin"/>

The new password will be: newAdminPass
3. Restart LMAdmin.
4. Start your browser (The default is http://localhost:8090).

Login in the Administration Tab, after logging in you will be prompted to change your password. Once you have set a new password it will be encrypted in the Server.XML file.

Additional Information

In cases where the username is something other than admin, you will need to use the username in the Admin's ID field.
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