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HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2014 HotFix A

HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2014 HotFix A


This is InstallAnywhere 2014 HotFix A.


InstallAnywhere 2014 Public HotFix A addresses the following issues:
IOJ-1665180IA2014 Installers fail to launch as root on *nix platforms if not at least 3 directories deep
IOJ-1665716IA2014: uninstallers run as root on *nix fail to launch
IOJ-1665312Unable to license IA 2014 Japanese edition with an English license
IOJ-1660248Environment variable set by the authenticated installers is not removed by its uninstaller on OS X
IOJ-1561223Customer not able to run the signed installer built using the CodeSign feature


In order to install the HotFix, please download the file listed below:


This zip file contains two files:

· readme.txt

The file readme.txt contains instructions to apply the HotFix. Those instructions are duplicated below for convenience:

1. Make sure InstallAnywhere 2014 is not running.

2. Using a terminal (or command shell), go to the directory where you installed InstallAnywhere 2014 and backup the following files and directories:

Copy "/" to "/"

Copy "/resource/" to "/resource/"

Copy "/resource/manifests" to "/resource/manifests_orig"

Copy "/resource/i18ndesigner" to "/resource/i18ndesigner_orig"

Copy "/resource/nativetools/macosx/*" to "/resource/nativetools/macosx_orig"

3. In that installation home directory, extract the contents of the ZIP file: inside

Additional Information

InstallAnywhere 2014 Hotfix A introduces the new Authentication Launcher support for Mac OS X specific target. More information on this can be found at:
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