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Error 27502.Could not connect to Microsoft SQL Server '(local) Using MSOLEDBSQL 19.0

Error 27502.Could not connect to Microsoft SQL Server '(local) Using MSOLEDBSQL 19.0

Error 27502.Could not connect to Microsoft SQL Server '(local) Using MSOLEDBSQL 19.0'


When user machine has MSOLEDBSQL version higher then 18.6 version installed, below error is observed on installing the installer.






Error 27502.Could not connect to Microsoft SQL Server '(local)'. Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed,






This error is known to occur on using old 19.0 or above is due to windows changes introduced in latest version, you can check those changes in below shared Microsoft links

OLE DB Driver 19.0 for SQL Server 


To fix this issue setup.exe with SQL script fails in MSOLEDBSQL19.0,  we need to do some changes in settings.xml file,

  1.  Go to Installshield installed location and Open settings.xml from below path
  2. C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2021\Support\0409
  3. Edit the file named settings.xml using notepad or notepad++, go to line number 296 or search name IS_MetaData 
  4. And set the value for MetaDataName like shown below
     <IS_MetaData Name="MSSQLServer" DisplayName="Microsoft SQL Server"
  5. we also need to set the provider like shown below
    AdoCxnDriver="Provider=MSOLEDBSQL19.1"MSOLEDBSQL19.0 settings_xml.png
  6. and next in the same line we need to change AdoCxnAddtional as shown below

    AdoCxnAdditional="Use Encryption for Data=False"
    AdoCxnAdditional value set in settings.png
  7. Then Save the Settings.xml file and close Installshield and Reopen Installshield 
  8. NOTE: We need to Create the project to see the changes for existing projects this changes wont affect, 

To work with existing project:

  1.  Open Existing project with SQL script added.
  2. Then  go to Direct Editor and select ISSQLDBMetaData table and delete the existing row.ISSQLDBMetaData table.png
  3. Go to SQL Script view
  4. Add a new SQL script OR delete and re add your SQL script view Delete existing SQL scripts.png
  5. After adding SQL script
  6. Go to direct editor and check ISSQLDBMetaData table
  7. Check values are added like shown below, this 2 values are important, if its not added it wont work
    Use Encryption.pngProvider.png
  8. Then save your project  and build 
  9. Install it a machine where OLDDBSQL 19.0 or higher version is installed, now the setup.exe will work as expected.

Additional Information

This error is briefly documented in the InstallShield Help Library topic Troubleshooting Build Errors and Warnings.

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how to use ODBC driver 18 for the same issue?

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