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Build Warning 9583

Build Warning 9583


When you are building an InstallShield MSIX project, the following warning may occur:

warning -9583: Restricted capabilities like localSystemServices and packagedServices are only needed if your MSIX project is configured with windows.service extension.


This build warning occurs when above capabilities are selected in Capabilities view and windows.service extension is not included in the package.


Check if windows.service is configured in the package and try one or more of the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • If no service is added in the MSIX package, manually unselect above mentioned restricted capabilities from Capabilities view.
  • If service declaration is added, then make sure corresponding declaration set is selected for a given application entry in the Applications View.

Additional Information

The restricted capabilities localSystemServices and packagedServices allows applications that are created by Microsoft partners and enterprises to declare the windows.service extension in its package manifest so that it can install one or more services along with the app. These services can be configured to run under the Local Service, Network Service, or Local System accounts. Local Service and Network Service services only require the packagedServices capability. Local System services require the packagedServices and localSystemServices capabilities.

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