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Build Error 9565

Build Error 9565


Error 9565 occurs when the target executable 'Application Name' requires elevation when launching the application.


Building a release is when the Desktop Bridge does not support packaged executables that require administrator/elevated privileges.


This build error may be caused if your application specifies:

UIAccess=true or level="highestAvailable|requireAdministrator"

in the requestedExecutionLevel element of the UAC manifest, conversion to UWP isn't supported currently.

Setting the below capability flag in the package manifest will allow your application to request for elevation.

<rescap:Capability Name="allowElevation"/>.


To workaround the issue at this point, you will need to set a flag.

  1. Go to the ‘ISVirtualPackage’ table in the InstallShield ‘Direct Editor’ view
  2. Create the below entry.

Use space as delimiter to specify multiple capabilities.

  • Name: AppxCapabilityList
  • Value: rescap:allowElevation
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