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Allow user to select shortcut based on checkbox control

Allow user to select shortcut based on checkbox control


    This article will discuss how to create a  shortcut based on user input using a property value create a shortcut instead of creating by default.


      This article explains how to  create a shortcut based on user request. This information applies to the following InstallShield project types:

  • Basic MSI


  1. Create Basic MSI Project
  2. Add a Feature and a Component which contains a shortcut
  3. Select the newly added component and add a Condition CUSTOMCHECKBOX=1 Componnet condition.JPG
  4. If you have multiple shortcuts, create a new component and add condition like shown  above.
  5. Go to property Manager and create a property CUSTOMCHECKBOX and CUSTOMCHECKBOX1. Dont add a value yet. If we add value(1) the checkbox will be checked by default at runtimeProperty manager.JPG
  6. Now go to Dialog view and create a dialog and name it (Example: Checkbox)
  7. Add a  checkbox control  as per your shortcut added and add CUSTOMCHECKBOX and CUSTOMCHECKBOX1 in property field for each checkbox Dialog-Checkbox and property.JPG
  8. Since we created a new dialog, we need to sequence it properly in order to see the dialog at runtime
  9. Select the newly created dialog[checkbox] and select behaviour node and select Back button and change the value to "Customer Information"Dialog back button.JPG
  10. Select NEXT button and change the Event DialogName to SetupTypeDialog NEXT button.JPG
  11. Select License Agreement dialog and change the NEXT button to "Customer Information"
  12. Select SetupType Dialog --> BACK Button change the dialog to CheckboxSetupType BACK button.JPG
  13. Save the ism and build the project 
  14. Run the installer, At runtime on checkbox dialog select the checkbox
  15. Based on select checkbox, specific shortcut will be created on desktop


More Information

 Click here for installshield help document for create shortcut.


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