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Level 3

using MSI debugger with a web application setup

I am new to InstallShield projects.
For a Silverlight application we have, I created a "Basic MSI Installer" (hopefully best choice!) for the web application that hosts the Silverlight Application.
But the logs are not of much help. Debugging the code [with MSI debugger] will be much more useful.
However, I have only a setup.exe output. How can I get a .msi output to use with the MSI Debugger?

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Level 6

Go to Media -> Releases and find the build making the Setup.exe. Something like Releases -> Full -> Setup

Right-click Setup and Clone.
You now have Copy of Setup
Select Copy of Setup - Build tab - set Compression to Uncompressed
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Level 3


It seems I do not have those options. Maybe because I am running the trial version still.
right clicking on "setup.exe" only gives me "properties" option.
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Level 3

Seems problem was I was using Visual Studio instead of InstallShield's own IDE. Now I see those options. But still with uncompressed settings, after rebuilding copy of release still no msi !

in logs:
ISDEV : warning -7211: Building a compressed Network Image Setup.exe. All other build types are not allowed in the evaluation mode of InstallShield.

so unfortunately cannot work with uncompressed untill get the license
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