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uninstall of a minor upgrade does not remove files

I have an InstallScript MSI base project. It has 1 feature with one component with 1 file. I build it so the msi file is cached locally. I can install and unistall it fine - all folders and the file are removed. I created a copy of the base for an upgrade project. I changed the package code and release version. I added an additional file to the component. I created a minor upgrade and used the setup.exe from the base as the product to upgrade.
I created a new release for the upgrade and set the .msi to be cached locally and set the msi command line parameters to REINSTALLMODE=vomus REINSTALL=ALL.

I build the upgrade and install it. I get the dialog box expected and the upgrade works ok. The version number is bumped up and the additonal file shows up.

However, when I uninstall the base project using the control panel, the folder and files delivered to the ProgramFolders (x86) are are not removed.
Any thoughts on why my files and folders are not removed after a minor upgrade but uninstall fine if just the base project is installed and uninstalled?
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Typically this means:

1) You broke the component rules
2) A file was modified outside of the installer

A windows installer logfile will show why MSI didn't remove the file(s).
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