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trying to us SYSTEM SEARCH to create an uninstall process for a non MSI version of my product

I have created an InstallScript MSI version.  However, we have some extremely old installscript versions that I would like to delete.  Those scripts only have product versions and product code, no upgrade code.   Following instructions I have seen I have created this in system search.   


I have not been able to create the custom command to match, and this is help I would like to get.

!)  I would like to uninstall the older program using this path.  What is the correct syntax for the Action Command.  It should be removed before installing the new.

2) I actually have 2 other versions of  an Installscript that need to be removed.   They have their own product code, which is different from the one above and the new install.   Can I create a sequence that would compare the registry entry for each one and when one matches, start the uninstall. 

I keep seeing that one should be possible, but haven;t seen all of the instructions I needed.    I have been using this blog post which has helped, but the Action command detail is light. (

I'm fairly new to installShield, and the techniques I need to get this installer finished aren't beginner level.  I would appreciate any help I can get.

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Just read the search property.
My example:
function OnFirstUIBefore()
nvSize = 512;
// you see message box:
// just call svProp to initiate uninstallation run.

After many weeks, I'm back to attempting to complete this.

From what you wrote, I can check the registry for one of three older versions.

However, this statement

// just call svProp to initiate uninstallation run.

Assumes I have knowledge to trigger this.  And I don't

Can you explain what the line of code would look like?

Thanks in advance for the last bit of help

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what does the MessageBox show?
What is the value of svProp ?
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It depends.  I am looking for 3 particular product codes.   I need to check for each.  If it doesn't match the first, then I check for the second. If it's missing, then I check for the third. 

I also am using the  upgrade code for our newer style, but the majority of our customer base will have one of the older ones.   I want to be able to uninstall the old, before installing the new.    This has to be done inside the application.

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It depends of registry value found.
Please read in the IS help how to find UninstallString and start uninstallation.
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I have done so and found the information lacking at best.

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