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silent install

working on silent install

it works ok in install, but when i run it for uninstall, the dialogs in "uninstallation sequence" still show up, why?

thanks in advance
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can someone please help??

i was using the setup.exe (console luncher) with the -silent and -options response file
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I think you need to run the "(INSTALLLOCATION)\_uninst\uninstaller.exe -silent -options opt.txt"

I can't verify this because I switched all my windows installs to MSI a few versions ago!
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Thanks for reply.
I really appreciate more help.

Currently i am able to generate options.txt for silent install (everything inside the "installation sequence"). But i have problem to deal with "uninstallation sequence".

In the uninstallation sequence, there is PreUninstall, Uninstall, PostUninstall.

The "Uninstall" does not have anything under it. I understand the "Uninstall" here corresponds to the "Install" in "Installation sequence" and i thought when i run the uninstalll.exe (the one in UninstallString in registry), it will uninstall files/dirs installed but that's not the case. So one question is when i run this uninstall.exe -silent on cmdline, does it invoke the "PreUninstall" or not?

Some background infor:
Before i tried the above "uninstall.exe -silent", when i used the initial setup.exe with -silent and the options.txt i generated from GUI uninstall process, the welcome window for uninstall sequence in "PreUninstall" still popup. Then i added a custom event to detect silent mode and add a condition to prevent this welcome dialog to popup. Now my objective is to use the uninstall.exe (not the setup.exe) to do silent uninstall (since we use another tool to go to registry to find the uninstallstring to call uninstall silently).
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does it matter if i have nothing in launcher?

if i add "New" in launcher, i can only see selections of my component (basically 3 dirs of my installation). Do i have to add a JVM resolution there for my uninstaller? i already have the uninstaller.exe defined in general ->prod uninstaller
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uninstall.exe -silent -options uninstalloption.txt
does not help

i can see all my input in the option.txt are in the install sequence; and i don't think the uninstall.exe go thru the install sequence.
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latest update:

Now for sure it is running in the uninstall sequence-> preuninstall.

using the uninstall.exe (uninstallstring in registry), in GUI mode, it is ok except that it did not remove all files/dirs. So i add custom event to do that, but when i run uninstall.exe -silent (with -V or -options), always got the following error

(Aug 17, 2009 12:34:44 AM), Uninstall, com.installshield.wizardx.actions.ExecWizardAction, err, java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.installshield.util.ProcessExec.executeProcess(Unknown Source)
at com.installshield.wizardx.actions.ExecWizardAction.executeProcess(Unknown Source)
at Source)
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anyone help?

To test more, i added a simple custom event in uninstallation sequence -> PreUninstall between Uninstall welcome dialog and uninstall feature dialog, in the method (at the end of it does only bring up a dialog for test msg. Then when i test it, if i run the uninstall.exe (again, the one in uninstallstring in registry), welcome dialog and uninstall feature dialog both pop up normally, but not the test msg, what's wrong?
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