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shortcuts not removed on uninstall

I have 32 and 64 bit InstallScript MSI projects. WHen I run the uninstaller, sometimes the shortcuts (desktop, quick launch, and programs menu) are removed and sometimes not. I have seen this in both the 32 and 64 bit installs. Does anyone have a clue why the shortcuts are not removed consistently?

I have a follow up on this. I modified the RemoveFile table and included all desktop, quicklaunch, and program folder shortcuts and designated they should be removed upon uninstall. Testing today showed the 64 bit shortcuts were removed, but the 32 bit remained on a 64 bit OS. IS documentation states shortcuts will be removed on uninstall that were created by the install. Having to mess with the RemoveFile table is not only redundant, but my test results show it to be a waste of time. Please, someone from IS, respond.

Also, I create a folder under the Programs Menu area for my short cuts. They do appear there, but they also appear in the Start Menu area. At least that is what I think it is called. It is the box that opens up when one selects the blue MS globe in the lower left hand corner of the task bar. Why are they appearing where I don't want them?
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1. Make sure that you are refreshing the desktop after uninstall. I have seen Windows not refresh after uninstall and it looks like the icon is left behind and after a refresh *poof* it is gone. Check your MSI log from the uninstall to be sure. It should log the shortcut session.

2. The items that show in the list above the start orb, the blue button as you describe it, is controlled by Windows, and is a link based on frequently used items. It has nothing to do with what you have installed on purpose. I think Microsoft may have put in some logic to place recently installed apps there as well to make it easier for new Windows users to find applications they have installed without having to *discover* how to navigate through the start menu.

3. Double check your ICE validation log for warnings or errors for shortcuts. Perhaps there is a hint there that might help you if there is nothing above.

All things being equal you are right, the shortcuts should be removed. There is always a reason why they are not. Our job is discovering the clues as to why they are not.
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