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running parallel builds give error 1013

Hello All,

we are trying to build multiple builds in parallel using IsCmdBld.exe of Installshield 2011.
but when we do it, we face the error 1013 ( which talks about files are being locked by another instance).
Release notes of Installshield 2011 talks about that similar issue is being fixed in Standalone build of Installshield 2011.

May someone from Installshield/Flexera who are on this forum please confirm, if this problem is there in full IDE build of Installshield 2011. and if yes, how can we fix it or if there is any workaround.
or if there is any hotfix available.

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Level 3

Hi ,

I am also facing the same problem, Please help me on this.

Thanks and regards,
Santhana Kumar.A
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Level 3

I am also facing this on InstallShield 2011 SAB nodes.

ISDEV : fatal error -1013: File D:\TOOLS\InstallShield 2011 SAB\Support\0409\IsMsiMM.itp is being used by another program.
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Level 3

Did u got any solution for this? Still i am facing it.please help me on this.

Thanks and Regards,
Santhana Kumar. A
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