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response to custom dialog during silent install


I have created a response file to run an installation in silent mode. It works just fine, although there is one thing: a service I am registering during the installation has a pop-up window that allows the user to register it in the Service Control manager during the install. This is an external dialog not created in Installshield, and it still pops-up, waiting for a response ("OK"), when I run setup.exe /s. I'd prefer to supply this OK response in the .iss file so that a user doesn't have to supervise the silent install.

I gather that I can use SilentWriteData in the Installscript in such a case, which would write the appropriate response to the .iss file during setup.exe /r. Problem is, I'm not sure what parameters to supply.

Can anybody offer advice?

It would be much appreciated.
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Flexera Alumni

SdMakeName and SilentWriteData work only with custom dialogs implemented in InstallScript. Any chance there's a command-line switch for the service to suppress the prompt?
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Level 7

Unfortunately, no, the way it's coded, it can't be suppressed. So, a slight code change is in order... 😄

Thanks for your help, Robert.
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