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Is this bug in IS 2008?


I am supporting multillanguage(chinesh,english) support in the installer of basic MSI. when i install new, i get language options to select it(selected english).

But when i do upgrade, it does not display the language option(in the some documents, it is mentioned that we get lang option in maintanenance).
Also it displayed the upgrade popup message and init dialog with chinesh. Then other dialogs are english.

is this not bug in is2008?

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Level 17

I believe that this behavior was fixed in InstallShield 2009. From Knowledge Base article Q200151 (Upgrading Projects to InstallShield 2009):

Multilanguage Support in Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI, and Web Projects
If an installation includes multilanguage support and end users launch Setup.exe again (after the product is already installed) to run the installation in maintenance mode, the language selection dialog is no longer displayed. The maintenance dialogs are displayed in the same language that was used to originally install the product.

Similarly, if a multilanguage minor upgrade or small update is run to update an earlier version of an already installed product, the language selection dialog is not displayed. The upgrade dialogs are displayed in the same language that was used to originally install the product.

This behavior helps ensure that the same language that was used to run the original installation and install its features is also used to repair the original installation, as well as to add other features that were not originally installed but are installed during maintenance mode or upgrades.

I hope that helps.
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Level 5

Thanks for the reply. I undestood the behaviour in IS 2009.But i am using IS 2008. when i install the product in english and then do upgrade,the popup message "this setup will perform ..." and initialization dialog displayed in chinese.
Then remaining dialogs were in english.

Why only first two dialogs are displayed in chinese? Is there any method to change this behaviour in IS 2008?

Is there any way to to make the two dialogs to display with previously installed language(in this case english) I am using basic MSI.

Please reply.
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