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read environment variable during compile from build computer


I installed InstallShield Lite and integrated it into VS 2019.

I have a 3rd party product that is part of my install which requires a license key.  I want to store this license key in the user's registry.  I can accomplish this if I "hardcode" the key in the installation.  However then the license key gets into GitHub and is visible to others.  


Can InstallShield Lite read the build computer's environment variable and substitute the value it finds into the install program during the build process?

I tried using #%MyRegistryKey% as the Value Data inside InstallShield's registry editor but it resulted in the literal #%MyRegistryKey% being added as the value in the users computer.

If not, what are the best practices for including information in the build that is dynamic / sensitive and can't be in the source code?


Thanks for taking the time to read and think about my questions!


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