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Flexera beginner

reactivating Installshield

For some reason my copy of Installshield wants to reactivate and automatic online activation fails. I emailed off the response file and got back a file called licence.response which is quite a long XML file with instructions to post the contents in the 'blank field'. Needless to say there was not suggestion about which blank field or how to get to said blank field.

Pasting the file in to the online activation serial number field does not of course work nor in to the serial number field for the new licence option.

Has anyone else faced this stupid nonsense and did you find a way to re activate?

Failing that is there a way to phone Flexera to get help?
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Flexera beginner

Reactivation fixed

Ah support advised me to return the licence using the command line TSconfig program in the Installshield\2013\system directory and then use the same program to activate it again. I wonder if this is going to happen each activation from now on?
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