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"The setup will perform an upgrade".... on Downgrading.

Hi all,

We are now testing our installer to see if it can prevent downgrade.
If I install our product version 1.5.11 on top of 1.6.00, (to cause downgrading intentionally),
I am now seeing “ The setup will perform an upgrade….” Message, then “A later version of ….” message pops up.
After the 2nd message, install is terminated, this is expected behaviour, however the first message is not right.
(“Small/Minor Upgrade settings” is set “Prompt”)

How can I get rid of the 1st message?
I have looked string table, but could not find both from string table, so I am not sure where this message is from..

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Level 3

If you go to the 'Upgrades', there's a Small/Minor Upgrade Settings that let you to disable the upgrade message.
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Level 3

Hi thaopham,

Thank you very much for your comment, I had tried few settings on the Upgrade settings, but have not got a great result:-

If I enabled “Disable”, this seems that it does not allow upgrade/downgrade,
The installer pops dialog saying “Another version of this product…..” , then quit.

If I enabled “Don’t prompt,,,,,”, then downgrading is quit without any message.

Please help.
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